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Going crazy with some proof-of-concepts
jaytaph 11 months ago

This weekend I've created a proof-of-concept of a system that crawls PDFs, extract the text with Tika, stored it into Elasticsearch and created a s...

elasticsearch pdf tika tesseract
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CSP headers
jaytaph 1 year ago

I'm trying to figure out if I can secure the site a bit more with the help of Content Security Policy (CSP). We can tighten up XSS attacks, and onl...

csp alpinejs
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Laravel translation package
jaytaph 1 year ago

Turns out that we have a lot of Laravel projects which in turn uses translations. To maintain these we use a standard JSON file for each language....

laravel translations
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MVP is ready!
jaytaph 1 year ago

I've finished up the MVP of the codemusings website. So, pretty much everything I wanted is implemented: writing codemuses, followerlists, comment...

php symfony codemusing

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