MVP is ready!

Created at 2023-04-01 11:20:04 (10 months ago)

I've finished up the MVP of the codemusings website.

So, pretty much everything I wanted is implemented: writing codemuses, followerlists, comments, upvotes.

All in all this is a very simple project in setup: I'm using PHP 8.1 + symfony 6.2 for the site itself. A little bit of alpine.js for some small frontend magic and everything runs inside a single postgres database. Emails are currently send out with the help of postmark.

There is currently no need to write anything more, so I will spend some time to finetune the texts on the about and homepage to give a clearer understanding on what this site is. Most of that work has been generated with ChatGPT :p

I also used ChatGPT for a "reserved username" system. I don't want some usernames to be registered like "root", "postmaster" and such. Those names are not available during registration. I've asked for an extended list, but ChatGPT was getting a bit silly on the names after a while. The first few 100 or so made sense so I used those (I actually tried to manually convert the list from ChatGPT to an PHP array, but I quickly asked chatGPT: "The same list, but now as a PHP array". Worked like a charm!

Now my goal is to get people onto the site. I start with some of the main channels with developers I know, and see if this gets any traction. If not.. well.. nothing lost..

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