GoSuB Browser Progress, pt28

Created at 2023-12-16 16:30:12 (3 months ago)

I've spend a lot of time this week in getting the csstree system ported from javascript to rust. This turns out to work quite well and a lot of CSS can be parsed into an AST!

Right now, i'm trying to finish up the port and make sure all functionality is ported and working properly. This takes time but I've ended up with a quite nice system. I notice that we currently are a bit in a dip codewise since there isn't much we implement, or at least, so it seams, but work is continuing.

I hope to have the whole css3 parser finished and be able to test out CSS3 from the internet. I've downloaded a lot of the 100K top domains and currently being able to parse 40% correctly. This number will increase as soon as the little edge-cases are correct in the parser.

rust css3

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