GoSuB Browser Progress, pt27

Created at 2023-12-08 11:14:39 (6 months ago)

It took me a while to get the css3 parser up and running. Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to the existing parser written by neodev, but I could keep the tokenizer. This saves a lot of work so i'm grateful for the work done.

I did some research and code concepts on setting up the parser, but it turned out to be difficult to follow the specification directly. I managed to get stuck either which way I tried to implement something. After some struggling, I found the wonderful csstree library written in Javascript that is very clear to read, seems to parse all the syntax we can think of, and is flexible enough to add new functionality like css module upgrades to it.

So the current plan is to convert the csstree parser into Rust.

rust gosub

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