GoSuB Browser Progress, pt29

Created at 2023-12-23 19:07:28 (3 months ago)

I've spend to much time in the css3 parser that I forgot the rest of the engine :/ It looks that we are able to parse a large number of real life css files, so i'm happy enough to get this component into the engine. But we still need to do a lot of work on it!

My next plan will be to incorporate the css3 parsing with the html5 parsing. The first step is to do this sequentially: the html5 parser halts work until the css3 parser is ready. The second step will be to do this in parallel. The css3 parser runs in a separate thread and will communicate back and forth.

The last step of the process is to be able to parse external stylesheets as well. For this we need to load them so we need some network stuff and I'm not sure if we are already able to do that. If that is not finished, i probably will leave the external stylesheet loading.

It's nice to spend my time back on non-css3 parsing stuff (well, at least, not directly)

rust parsing css3

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