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jaytaph 9 months ago

I'm doing some hobby work on spacetraders.io. A (simple) space trading game where the only interface is an HTTP API. I've setup a PHP SDK, and tr...

php spacetraders
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MVP is ready!
jaytaph 10 months ago

I've finished up the MVP of the codemusings website. So, pretty much everything I wanted is implemented: writing codemuses, followerlists, comment...

php symfony codemusing
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Friends are coming
jaytaph 10 months ago

Hurrah, upvotes and comments are functional! Next stop are the friendlists which may be a bit more work to get right but just like any other system...

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Time for some upvotes
jaytaph 11 months ago

Yesterday evening I did some work on setting up an initial upvote system. Initially this will be very simple: ``` plan -> upvote <- user ``` Thes...

php voting system postgres
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Cleanup on codemusings
jaytaph 11 months ago

Today I have some time to do some cleanup. Much of the (minimum) features are ready, so now I will spend some time for some maintenance. First, i w...

php phpstan
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jaytaph 11 months ago

I'm currently creating a service that needs to talk to a SOAP service. I still need to wait for credentials, certificates (mTLS) in order to get th...

soap php
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skoop 11 months ago

The past almost 2 months I have been working on helping a customer with a project that uses Laravel. It's a huge project, especially for this relat...

php laravel coaching
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Hello world from codemusings.nl
jaytaph 11 months ago

So, welcome all to `codemusings.nl`. The website where you as a developer can share your plans to the world. This website is inspired by the origi...

php symfony

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