Cleanup on codemusings

Created at 2023-03-26 09:02:42 (11 months ago)

Today I have some time to do some cleanup. Much of the (minimum) features are ready, so now I will spend some time for some maintenance. First, i will check to see if the site works in a responsive way. I'm using bootstrap, so in theory there shouldn't be much trouble on that front.

Secondly, I will setup a new email layout so emails we send (not much, just for activation and password resets at the moment), will look a bit better.

And last,.. I've added all the code check components you normally expect in a PHP application: phpcs, phpstan, phpunit, psalm. We don't have any phpunit tests (shame.. shame..), but phpcs was a simple fix (run phpcbf and fix some small file length issues remaining). phpstan however is a different beast: i've got 111 issues, and this will take a while (serves me right for not adding this from the start, I should know better). I've fixed around 30 of them, so still a lot to go.. github actions is screaming at me that checks fail, but for now it's ok.. I just need to clean them up whenever I have some spare time, and try to make sure I don't add too many issues in the meantime.

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