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Created at 2023-04-18 19:23:20 (1 year ago)

Last month I did an Ingewikkeld Session on Domain-Driven Design and I'm working on converting that to a conference talk. The first appearance of this talk is already scheduled: The EndPointCon will have the conference debut of this talk. I'm also talking to two other conferences who are potentially interested in this talk, and I'll probably announce those on my blog once confirmed.

In the talk I'm doing I'm going into the basics of DDD and mostly focussing on the first part of DDD, which is the part that is not focussed on actual code. This is a part that I feel developers often either overlook or ignore, while this is arguably the most important part of the whole process and a major reason for using DDD: Understand what the hell you're actually working on. Feedback after my first time doing this talk at a usergroup (PHPAmersfoort) was quite good. I've got some minor tweaks to make before I deliver this talk at EndPointCon. Looking forward to doing this talk a couple of times.

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