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Created at 2023-03-23 08:32:48 (11 months ago)

So, welcome all to codemusings.nl. The website where you as a developer can share your plans to the world.

This website is inspired by the original unix .plan files, where users could write down their daily tasks for others to read (preferably with the old-school "finger" command).

My plan for the coming days is to get the site up and running and to see if things "work" the way I intended. This means I should be able to write .plan files (that works, otherwise you aren't reading this). Visitors should be able to find the latest codemuses.

What to expect

So, basically it's a cheap-ass facebook/twitter clone I guess. But the idea is a bit different. Instead of writing down the things you are thinking about, you post the things you are working on to give other developers a glimpse into your daily life. Be it about professional projects, the stuff you encounter or trying to solve, or your side-projects, hobby projects or FOSS.

Later on, when there are more users in the system, I'm planning on adding "likes" (probably "amuses") to plans and probably a simple comment system. Note that you already can use tags to make your code muse discoverable.

About the site

The site is build with PHP / Symfony 6. All data is stored in a postgresql DB and mails are send with postmark (free version for now). It's all deployed with deployer.php onto a shared VPS. Nothing fancy yet.

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