GoSuB Browser Progress, pt25

Created at 2023-11-18 12:49:10 (6 months ago)

I've just finished the DNS component. This will be used in the network layer so it's not much of use right now, but I could do with a bit of a break from the parser.

We are about to decide which chat app we are going to use. This would be discord to the outside world, and either mattermost or Zulip for developer chats (still, they are open for everyone, but we don't want to clutter it with "regular" chats by first-time-users etc).

I've never tried Zulip, but it looks quite nice. The streams and topics are maybe weird for like 5 seconds, but then it turns into a very organized setup. So unless anyone is really against it, I think this would be our developer chat instead of slack (we don't want to pay lots of money to keep our history).

Next up to deal with is the render tree, which others probably will pick up, so I can do some proof-of-concept on something I came up with that would be a scheduler/eventloop system. The reason we want some kind of such system is that many components can run at the same time and intertwine. For instance, while waiting for more http data to arrive from the network stack, the html5 parser can start parsing already some of the data that is already received. Further, a render tree can also be started when all systems are still waiting for things to do, or things to receive.

I tried to mimic the system a bit like a regular OS scheduler, so I want to try out if this makes any sense implementing. Maybe it will, maybe it wont.. but part of this journey is to find things out...

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