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GoSuB Browser Progress, pt29
jaytaph 4 months ago

I've spend to much time in the css3 parser that I forgot the rest of the engine :/ It looks that we are able to parse a large number of real life...

rust parsing css3
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GoSuB Browser Progress, pt26
jaytaph 5 months ago

There is been a lot of yak shaving the last week. I wanted to work on the whole "http connection -> rendertree" pipeline, but I got stuck at the po...

rust parsing nom css3
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GoSuB Browser Progress, pt16
jaytaph 7 months ago

Did a [blog post](https://adayinthelifeof.nl/2023/09/22/browsers.html) on one of the reasons why I started this browser project. Exploded on [hacke...

rust gosub parsing
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GoSuB Browser Progress, pt9
jaytaph 8 months ago

Now that the tokenizer is done, I seem to be able to tokenize most of the html files i've tested. That's good! So i'm spending my time on creating...

rust gosub html5 parsing

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