I'm fed up with it, so I'm writing a browser (interface)

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I never programmed for the Mac or iOS. I have a little motivation to learn it, though. I live in Berlin and when I'm commuting i am using the services of BVG and Berlin S-Bahn. They are, as you might guess, not always reliable...

I am using Apps like BVG, VBB Info , Google Maps and CityMapper. None of them work as reliable on iOS for the BVG as the Öffi App by Andreas Schildbach on Android does, though. It displays more accurate live updates where the buses and trains are than the actual VBB Infrastructure and Apps do!

Only problem here: I don't have Android. I use an iPhone, and the App is not available there...

So I said "Fuck it", and I am not trying to learn how to develop my own little iOS Helper-App that tells me when my bus is leaving, so that I don't have to wait for a bus leaving early, or even wait for a bus that was never gonna show up in the first place...

So I'm doing the 100 Days of Swift UI Challenge.

What has all of this to do with a browser UI, you correctly ask!

About a few weeks ago, i discovered the gosub.io Project, which was also started out of a frustration and motivation to learn something new... I also had the urge and fantasy of writing my own browser someday, but was always demotivated by the sheer amount of work such a project brings and my own coding abilities... so I never started. That project though shifted my mind in that regard quiet a bit! There will always be people out there saying something is impossible. But if the tinkerers, the creators and inventors always stopped working on their passion projects when the first random people told them, that something is impossible to do, there would not and progress or invention exist at all. Sure, some things seem unrealistic, and are too much work for a single person to do alone, but maybe I am not alone.

And maybe, when I have a little experience with Swift and iOS-Dev, I will also do some work for a Frontend for the new Gosub-Browser.

Tl:dr: 100 Days of Swift UI - Day 00. Learnt a bit about variables and constants and strings in swift. Figured out how the Apple PlayGrounds App works. Thought I could write my own litte navigation app. Also thought I could write a macOS-Ui for a browser.

100DaysOfSwiftUI gosub

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